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20+ Unique Cricket Gifts to Bowl Over Lovers of the Sport

List updated on: 15-04-2022 20+ Unique Cricket Gifts to Bowl Over Lovers of the SportAs an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. More info here.
Cricket isn’t just balls and bats. It’s an emotion; it’s a religion. So, here is an unconventional range of cricket gifts to impress players and lovers of the sport. By the way, if you are mad about cricket as well, this selection of quirky items might serve as your slice of heaven for some serious self-indulge. Ready to take your pick from our list of gifts for cricketers and fans? Buy one now.

If you know someone who's training for cricket, put this collapsible ball-shaped drink bottle in the person's coaching kitbag. Designed to save space, it's an ideal solution for short and long hauls. Word of caution: don't play cricket with it.

 4 saves    2269 views India

Whether you're looking for a birthday gift or a Christmas present for a cricket fan, this 3D illusion wireframe lamp fits the bill for every occasion. If you know someone who is an absolute cricket badger, get that fella this cool product now!

 2 saves    1586 views India

This portable electric massager is an ideal gadget one would want after an intense practice session at the nets. Those worn-out calf muscles, shoulders, and sore back should be relieved and back in action in just a few minutes of usage.

 0 saves    1230 views India

Stopping boundaries could be difficult. But stopping doors? Well, not that much! These attractive cricket-themed door stops are worth your money, especially for those moments when you need to keep the doors to your house from slamming.

 1 saves    1409 views United Kingdom

For cricket-mad folks who are always hooked to the game and surrounded by a ton of cricketing stuff and goodies, these batsman-shaped wall hooks go well with their themed home or room or play area. Just don't hang your boots on them yet.

 1 saves    1140 views United Kingdom

A personalized message bottle - how’s that for a cut keepsake cricket gift? This one comes with a teeny tiny hand-painted cricket bat made of real wood and laser-cut with precision. You can include an engraved message of your choice, too!

 0 saves    1502 views United Kingdom

These cufflinks are designed for the gentleman who knows his game on the pitch as well as in fashion. They are accessories with high aesthetic appeal and utilitarian value, which makes them a special gift for the folks who love hitting sixes.

 1 saves    1518 views United Kingdom

No cricket lover with a sweet tooth would say no to this box of handmade Belgium chocolates. Get a fan’s taste buds tingling with a cricket bat made of white and dark chocolate, four cricket ball chocolates, and four terminology chocolates.

 0 saves    1415 views United Kingdom

Looking for gifts for cricket lovers who are also bookworms? Here’s the perfect match! This set of novelty bookends is made of high-quality resin and hand-painted. It’s a treasure for those who love collecting the Wisden Cricketers' Almanack.

 1 saves    1644 views United Kingdom

Taste the flavors of cricket at Lord’s Tavern, a British pub with a difference. Everything about it is redolent of the world of cricket and conducive to a grand experience. Book a seat for a dear one who is irrevocably in love with the sport.

 0 saves    1295 views United Kingdom

A nail-biting match isn’t the only way to sweep cricket fans off their feet. These slip-on slippers can do the job as well. Easy to wear, super comfortable, and designed to last, the pair makes one of the best gift ideas for cricket lovers.

 3 saves    2200 views United Kingdom

Should you be hunting for unique cricket presents, you must check out what we found! These cutesy cricket perfume bottles are about to drop soon. Preorder them so you can surprise the cricket lover in your life with something extraordinary.

 0 saves    1979 views United Arab Emirates

If you are looking for cricket related gifts, you must not miss this novelty reading glasses holder. A present that suits all occasions and purposes, this one is for cricket-mad folks who wear glasses and keep losing them every now and then.

 1 saves    1703 views United Kingdom

For those who are always traveling across boundaries, this cricket-inspired luggage tag will accompany on all their holidays and escapades. It is also a cool way to draw the eye of a fellow sports lover out there and strike a conversation.

 2 saves    1342 views United Kingdom

In cricket and in life, some people and things are better out than in. This solid oak wicket loo roll holder is a reminder of the same. It makes a quirky gift for those who adore the game and a worthy purchase for some self-indulgence, too.

 1 saves    1465 views United Kingdom

This wooden bat-shaped triple photo frame makes an impressive cricket gift for lovers of the sport who have a grand collection of memorabilia in the form of photographs. Mount it to the wall or place it in your favorite corner of the room.

 2 saves    2731 views United Kingdom

Packed in a drawstring gift bag, this leather wallet can carry personal items and your love for cricket. It bears the crisp seam of six rows of stitches typical of a cricket ball and the iconic color that takes an owner closer to the sport.

 1 saves    1557 views United Kingdom

If you want to buy a gift for a cricketer or cricket fan, this novelty coffee mug can be the perfect choice for every occasion and mood. It bears a bat-shaped handle, which makes it all the more appealing. Best part? – It comes with a teabag!

 1 saves    1447 views United Kingdom

Add some pep to your backyard cricket matches with these battery-operated flashing wicket bails! If you are the bowler, bash them around and watch your mates light up. If you are the batsman, get them blinging to embarrass your team.

 1 saves    2319 views United Kingdom

This is how you celebrate the gentleman’s game! This tequila shot glass tray has been crafted from a real cricket bat, which makes it special. You can repurpose your own bat, too. It holds up to 11 glasses so you’d have enough for the team.

 1 saves    2230 views United Kingdom

Ante up your cricket fashion with this à la mode navy tie that comes loaded with chic cricket-bat-and-stumps motifs. It makes a lovely gift for cricketers, umpires, commentators, and cricket fans who have a zest for the finer things in life.

 2 saves    1331 views United Kingdom

Here is a unique gift for all those 10cc fans who cherish the song 'I don't like cricket, I love it' and wish to preserve the tune in their hearts forever. Personalize it for a friend, coworker, family, or dear one who hums the song very often.

 0 saves    1399 views United Kingdom

When you want to carry a slice of the sport with you, this stainless steel hip flask comes in handy. A great cricket gift idea for fans, it comes packed in a cricket-themed leather case that can be personalized with a message at the back.

 0 saves    2039 views United Kingdom

Handcrafted to perfection, this awesome silver-plated keyring is, without a doubt, what you need for regular use. This shiny little thing made from parts of a real cricket ball is bound to catch the eyes of those who value their sports accessories.

 3 saves    1516 views United Kingdom

Who does not love to keep scores at a game of cricket? This handy 60-inning scorebook will help all those serious players and especially beginners to record their efforts on the field. An ideal item to carry along and present to a cricketer.

 1 saves    1641 views United Kingdom

Gifts for Cricket Lovers - the Best Ideas Sorted in one Place

This list of presents is for cricketers, fans, fanatics, commentators, umpires, coaches, purists, T20 lovers, ODI fans, seasoned players, novices, and even those twits who watch the matches under peer pressure. Each gift idea has been carefully curated and explained in brief so you know what you are buying. When you don’t want to waste time sifting through a hundred different e-commerce sites to find those perfect gifts for cricket lovers, our selection saves the day.

Find a Personalized Cricket Gift for Him

There’s something about personalized gifts that sets them apart from other gifts. They are special and carry a personal touch. The customization bespeaks the love and concern you have for the recipient. They go beyond an average gift to convey a meaningful message. This is why presents that are made to order can be cherished forever. For this reason, we have included in our list a bunch of personalized cricket gifts for him. Be it your husband, brother, dad, grandpa, fiance, love interest, crush, or any male friend you treasure, when the guy in your life is crazy about the sport, you never have to wonder what gift to give him next. Simply refer to this selection and pick your (or rather his) poison.

Gift Ideas for Cricket Lovers

People who love cricket come in all shapes and sizes. Whenever there’s a tournament happening, you’ll find these folks glued to their TV screens, never missing a stroke. Even if they can’t watch the match live, they’d constantly check the score on their mobile phones or probably pin them to their home screen. Our list of gift ideas for cricket lovers comes in handy when you want to get something for such cricket-crazy people. From cricket mugs to cufflinks, photo frames, wallets, novelties, and other related gifts - there’s always something for every cricket fanatic out there. If you’re the woke buyer who loves making informed and meaningful purchases for their dear ones, we have your back!