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Boss Gifts That Will Help you Keep your Job (Perhaps)

List updated on: 18-04-2022 Boss Gifts That Will Help you Keep your Job (Perhaps)As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. More info here.
Buying boss gifts can feel like a minefield. But time is too precious. So, let’s jump right in! Pick from this range of office gifts curated for all bosses - male and female - and save your back.

Well if you have a nosy boss and always looks at you under their glasses here is the perfect gift for them. This wooden nose shaped spectacle holder is a cool looking tabletop merchandise which is impressive as well as pocket friendly.

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Gifts for Bosses of Every Type

When buying gifts for your boss, you want to please the person rather than offend them. You want to give something thoughtful but not boring. Buy something extravagant and you risk upsetting them. Buy something super cheap and the gift itself might go unnoticed.

The stuff you choose should place you in their good books and help you keep your job. Wrong gifts can backfire and land you in the soup. When you’re all at sea, let our selection of unique and funny gifts for bosses save the day.

Whether a fitness enthusiast or foodie, a golf fanatic or football enthusiast, a coffee person or tea lover, a workaholic or buddy, we've carefully curated gift ideas for every type of boss out there.

Gift something that will make even the sternest bosses smile. Whether you’re working from an office or remotely from home, whether you connect over emails, Slack or Zoom, we are pretty sure our curated ideas will get the job done!

For the Male Boss

If you’re an employee looking to impress a male boss, check out our handpicked range of the wackiest boss gifts for him! From unique coffee mugs to weird stationery items, we have everything curated here.

For the Female Boss

Want to appreciate the leadership and company of a boss lady? Choose our selected boss gifts for her. This list is more than just watches and bonsais. When you’re wondering what to buy for your female boss, you will make sure you never run out of ideas.

For the Workaholic

Some bosses prefer working to anything else, and there's nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, you can make them laugh with some funny boss gifts. After all, nothing beats receiving a present, whether from an employee or an employer.

For the Old-School

Whether in corporate corridors or casual setups, traditionalists are everywhere. Your boss can be old-school and still agreeable. Celebrate your disagreements with unique gifts for such bosses. Who knows, maybe they'll agree with you?

For the Screamer

Oh no! A boss with a bad temper is bad news. But there is a way to deal with all that rage while also winning the person's heart. Give the fellow a gift of his taste. Presents and small acts of kindness never go unnoticed, you know! Who knows, it might even keep you in their good graces for the rest of your life?

For the Nitpicker

We've all worked for nitpicky bosses at some point in our careers and despised every minute of it. However, when you look at the big picture, nitpickers are perfectionists who force you to improve, whether you want to or not. Such bosses, in our opinion, deserve an award. However, a gift would also be appreciated!

For the No-Nonsense Guy

In reality, a no-nonsense boss is simple and straightforward. This individual is practical and knows how to get the job done. If you've had the good fortune to work for such leaders, you've been blessed with exceptional guidance. Buy them a no-nonsense gift to say thank you!

For the Buddy

Some bosses are more like friends than bosses. When things go wrong at work, they don't throw their weight around. They don't put people under pressure or constantly remind them of looming deadlines. They are true leaders because they believe in coexisting and growing together. These bosses are deserving of your admiration. Pour it all out in the form of cool best-boss-ever presents.

For the Micromanager

Micromanager bosses shower you with excessive and unwarranted supervision. But hey, they are humans, too. You must appreciate the effort they put into work and the criticism, too, because that’s what will eventually shape you as a professional. Boss gifts are a wonderful way to express gratitude to such unsung heroes.

For the Visionary

Some bosses are visionaries. They would not only help you evolve, but also give you new perspectives on the professional front. You must be extremely fortunate to be working under their leadership. Never keep your admiration for visionary bosses hidden. Say it out loud by getting them a woke gift.

For the Clueless Fellow

Clueless bosses have no idea what’s going on in the team, let alone the company. But, guess what? They also make the coolest bosses! It’s easy to get into their good books because they completely rely on you for all the information. If you work under a clueless boss, show him some love with a promotion gift because the company owners are unlikely to give him one.

Gifts for your Boss for Every Occasion

Only employees can make the correct decision about what gifts to buy for their bosses, no matter the occasion. It's not too difficult if you've interacted with your boss and are familiar with the person's tastes and preferences.

Luckily, we have something for every gifting need, budget, and occasion, whether you want to go overboard and buy something unusual or stay low-key and play it safe. Whatever floats your boat, go for it!

Some are thoughtful and have sentimental value, while others are outright scandalous. Some can be personalized, while others are generic but amazing in their own right. However, none of the gifts for your boss in this range is run-of-the-mill.

International Boss Day Gifts

16 October is International Boss Day. You don't want to pass up the opportunity to give your favorite boss a gift, do you? However, we understand that employees are forever strapped for time. Fret not! With our recommended selection, it’s easy to find the perfect Boss Day gifts.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about making merry and exchanging gifts. You must buy something for everyone, including family and friends because they will do the same! Meanwhile, all the shopping might put a dent in your wallet.

So, when it’s that time of the year, you must find a way to express your gratitude to your boss without breaking the bank. Fortunately, our Christmas gifts for bosses come in a variety of price ranges and are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Boss Appreciation Gifts

Employee appreciation is common. But, how often do you appreciate the managers and leaders at work? Bosses are the people who manage other people, solve their problems, and ensure that the work wheel keeps turning and the needle keeps moving. Cut your boss some slack and show your appreciation with some nice boss appreciation gifts, regardless of the type.

Work Anniversary Gifts

For employees, completing a year at their workplace amid cutthroat competition and work pressure is a feat in itself. However, have you ever wondered that this might be a milestone for bosses as well? After all, they work just as hard, if not harder.

Their work anniversary should fetch them some appreciation. If you're looking for work anniversary gifts for your bosses, look no further than our selection of wacky presents that will brighten their day. Don't worry about gifting etiquette because we've sorted the best boss gifts.

Farewell Gifts

Farewell gifts for bosses make saying goodbyes a lot easier. However, if your boss is leaving and you want to send them off with a parting gift, buy something that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. WokeBuyer has compiled a list of the best going away gifts that will leave every boss with fond memories.

Retirement Gifts

Is your boss leaving the job to which he or she has devoted nearly half of their life? How do you tell them their presence will be missed? How do you convey the message that work will suck without them? Pick a retirement present! We have recommended a variety of retirement gifts for bosses from top suppliers to help you choose the best.

Birthday Gifts

It’s your boss’s birthday you don’t know what to gift him? Rely on our recommendations for birthday gifts for bosses that help you express your respect and admiration for them as professional role models.

Thank You Gifts

Whether you admit it or not, a huge chunk of your professional success depends on your boss. Give credit where it is due! Don't forget to give credit where credit is due! Get some cool thank you gifts for your boss as a token of appreciation for all the help, support, and guidance you've ever received in your professional journey.

Holiday Gifts

When the office is closed for the holidays, you might want to be on your boss’s mind until you all resume work. The best way to do this is to buy holiday gifts for your boss. Don’t just buy everyday stuff and spoil the entire plan. Purchase something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind. When in doubt, refer to this page's recommended boss gifts.