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Unique Gifts for your Boyfriend that aren't Tacky

List updated on: 17-09-2020 Unique Gifts for your Boyfriend that aren't TackyAs an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. More info here.
If you want to get your boyfriend a gift he'd appreciate, go beyond the romance and mush. We bring you a curated selection of crazy, quirky, and unique gifting ideas that you might want to keep for yourself as well. No more cakes, flowers, chocolates, ties and boring perfume bottles. Give the love of your life some of the coolest stuff available on the web.

Most boyfriends however cute do lack that toilet seat etiquette. So why not gift him this cool toilet printed pen drive that reminds him to put it down. A perfectly clever, utility cum fun gift that all girlfriends should choose.

 1 saves    2157 views India

Quirk up your boyfriend's workspace or room with these outrageously funky set of crayons. He won't be choosing a simple red, blue or green ever. These crayons have the most offensively funny descriptions you can think of.

 0 saves    1837 views United States

If you want to bring out the sportsman in your boyfriend, this funky indoor bowling set will be the perfect gift for him. Every attempt to strike the pins will be fun and extremely rewarding. All this and more from the comfort of his home!

 0 saves    1408 views India

For the ones who have no aim in life, this Piss Pad will be an ideal companion in times of a downpour. Leave no trace behind that calls for extra attention and the effort of getting rid of the splashes left behind.

 0 saves    1270 views United States

Well if he loves you to the moon and back this Astronaut Mobile and Pen Stand will be a quirky way of saying a thank you to him. Showcase your funny side with this gift and he will be taking giant leaps towards you.

 0 saves    1214 views India

Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet might be the most powerful object in the Marvel Universe. But your morning cup of coffee is the most powerful thing in your universe. Get it right with this quirky mug that's also the right gift for any Marvel fan.

 0 saves    1981 views United States

Bring Deadpool's talking head to a Marvel fan who reeks of nerd supremacy. This interactive electronic piece just can't keep its mouth shut. Prepare for the hilarity and a bunch of beeped insults hurled at your direction. Body not included!

 0 saves    1685 views United States

Groot, the sentient alien tree keeps the universe safe. Follow his footsteps to keep a plant safe. This quirky flower pot gift is sure to delight a Marvel fan who admires Flora Colossus or anyone who loves gardening and indoor cultivation.

 0 saves    1251 views India

If small mobile screens don't suit your fancy, get this portable screen amplifier that comes with a Bluetooth speaker and mobile stand. This product is the best gift for smartphone users who stress their eyes enough with extensive screen time.

 0 saves    2022 views United States