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Unique Gifts for the Brother who is a Badass in Every Damn Way

List updated on: 17-09-2020 Unique Gifts for the Brother who is a Badass in Every Damn WayAs an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. More info here.
A brother can annoy the hell out of you. But dare anyone hurt you, he'd be the first one to roll up his sleeves for a fistfight perhaps. Indeed, there's no love like a brother's love. If you have one, you have a friend forever. Should you want to get a gift for this amazing person in your life, run-of-the-mill isn't what we would suggest. Fret not, because we bring you a selection of unique gifting ideas your bro will absolutely love. Be it your own, an in-law or a brother from another mother, watch him get psyched as he receives the coolest and wackiest stuff ever.

Gift your brother this cool pen drive that will bring a smile on his guilty face. This funky toilet printed pen drive will send that sublime message you need to get across to all those pesky yet lovable brothers.

 1 saves    576 views India

Keep your brother occupied with this fun tabletop bowling set. This is a unique test of his bowling game skills and hours of fun solo or with friends. Watch him in secret and get a glimpse of his cool or quirky winning celebration moves.

 0 saves    489 views India

How many times have you tried to distract your pesky brother while playing his favourite game? For those who take their multiplayer gaming seriously and are engrossed for hours, this PUBG hip flask is a clear reward for all their efforts.

 0 saves    552 views India

Of all T-Shirts, you have gifted your brothers add this to complement his cool ways. This is for the ones who prefer the outdoors more than indoors. Gift this as a loving reminder that you are with them.

 0 saves    691 views India

Most brothers annoy and even put on a brave act and this is a way to get back at them and test them. Present him with this gag that will help you strike back and see yourself rewarded with a ROFL moment. A picture for the family "Hiss" tory album.

 0 saves    344 views India

Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet might be the most powerful object in the Marvel Universe. But your morning cup of coffee is the most powerful thing in your universe. Get it right with this quirky mug that's also the right gift for any Marvel fan.

 0 saves    591 views United States

Bring Deadpool's talking head to a Marvel fan who reeks of nerd supremacy. This interactive electronic piece just can't keep its mouth shut. Prepare for the hilarity and a bunch of beeped insults hurled at your direction. Body not included!

 0 saves    572 views United States

Ride this bicycle effortlessly through the thickest of pizzas to get even slices. A practical and unique gift for foodies, cyclists and food bloggers, this one makes a great decor item and comes in handy whenever a pizza party is on.

 0 saves    642 views India

If small mobile screens don't suit your fancy, get this portable screen amplifier that comes with a Bluetooth speaker and mobile stand. This product is the best gift for smartphone users who stress their eyes enough with extensive screen time.

 0 saves    589 views United States

Are you a fan of your brother who is always there for you no matter the constant pranks? This is a cheesy, yet fun way to show that you care right back. This portable neckband fan makes a gift he is highly likely to show off almost instantly.

 0 saves    580 views United Kingdom