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Coolest Gifts for Men They'll Brag About

List updated on: 18-04-2022 Coolest Gifts for Men They'll Brag AboutAs an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. More info here.
Men! Just when you thought they have everything and gifting ideas have been exhausted, we bring you this selection of unique presents that are crazy, wacky and just right for every bloke out there. Pick from a range of over 100 gifts and please every father, brother, husband, friend, crush, boyfriend, colleague or the guy next door.

For those men who love quirky products, this toilet printed pen drive is an eye-catcher and a perfect item to gift. Name it the "Flush Drive" and get him to smile every time he uses this 32 GB storage device.

 1 saves    2303 views India

Men will pride themselves with this enviable rustic drinking mug. With a natural look and finish and cut from a solid piece of horn, this is the cup of true Asgardians at heart and all those descendants of the Nordic blood. Hail Valhalla! Cheers!

 0 saves    1406 views India

For those who want to light up their charming personality, this light up bowtie is the ideal gift to make them stand out. For those evenings of craziness and wild costume parties this accessory will surely attract eyeballs.

 0 saves    1404 views India

Where are my glasses? right here on that cool nose shaped spectacle holder. Gift this useful product for ones who constantly need their glasses around and at arm's length. Keep the glasses safe from surface scratches and falls with cool wooden holder.

 0 saves    2073 views India

Get this toilet timer for those guys who lose track of time behind the closed doors of loos. A quirky reminder to His Royal Highness that the day awaits them and that there are other worthy contenders to the throne.

 0 saves    2556 views India

Men who love sport will find this miniature bowling ball board to be absolutely fun. Work on that smooth ball delivery and practice the chicken wing throw in the comfort of home or workplace. Gift it to people who are in the sporting spirit.

 0 saves    1509 views India

In the secret chronicles of all households, where men take a stand and leave their mark, this awesome product will soften the damage. This high utility Piss Pad will soak in all attempts that hinder the spotless appearance of the throne.

 0 saves    1396 views United States

This Tee will add a good personality for those wanderers who are on the move. It's easily one of the must-carry trendy apparel for travel fanatics. Pair it with jeans, casual pants or shorts and you are good to go.

 0 saves    1990 views India

When you are strapped for time and there's a dirty car windshield to clean, get this 2-way cleaner and get the job done without breaking a sweat. No awkward hunching, no painful body contortions. Gift it to someone who is always in a hurry.

 0 saves    1748 views United States

No more cigarette ashes blowing away! This tire-shaped windproof ashtray isn't just a cool, quirky decor item for you home, but also absolutely utilitarian. If you don't want a mess when taking a puff, this is the only thing you need near you.

 0 saves    1411 views United States

Men love their day off and they deserve it. These fun socks will add a new meaning to silent treatment and is a boon especially for those men who are engrossed in their games. Just, send someone else in the room when he wears them.

 0 saves    1231 views United Kingdom

The Bonds and Bournes will definitely want a piece of this action. A premium feel will high utility value is a sure show stealer at work, party gym or just an evening gathering. Keep a close watch for those eyeing this crowd puller.

 0 saves    1386 views United States